Drug Houses and Toxicology Inspections

Drug Manufacture is on the Rise

East Tennessee has beautiful mountain views, and like most other places, it has illicit drug manufacture.  While Sellers are now required to disclose any known past illegal drug activity, we all know many instances go unreported.  Homes that have had drugs manufactured within them can lead to a host of health issues, as well as very costly remediation expenses.  To make it worse, lawsuits are springing up due to this blight.  

Savvy Realtors can now offer a Toxicology inspection to protect themselves and potential buyers.  They can be done by the seller as a pre-listing inspection, or by the buyer at the home inspection.  Similar to a Radon test, the Lab report will be delivered within 48 to 72 hours of sample collection barring unforeseeable circumstances. 

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Buying your first home is special, and scary.  We get that, and we are here for you.  From a quality inspection to great advice after the sale to keep your new home in tip top shape.

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Did you know that Radon Gas is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smoking Americans? Don't take chances, get your home tested.

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Home sellers now have the option to have their home inspected before the listing. Why rush to make repairs in a small window of time? Identify problem areas, get them fixed on your schedule, and relax.

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HomeGauge is the premier software platform for Home Inspectors worldwide.  Secure  online report delivery, online report viewing from anywhere, and a host of other features make for a great experience for you.

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